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Philip Morris International Inc has filed for an application to market a new type of cigarette as less harmful than traditional cigarettes. If approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the company’s iQOS device could give it significant marketing advantage over other alternatives including e-cigarettes, which are not allowed to make such a claim.

The device made by big tobacco giant, Phillip Morris, heats real tobacco to produce a vapor without burning it, which the company claims has less than 10 percent of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

While it is true the long-term effects are not yet fully understood for electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid used by the devices, a review conducted by Public Health England found the best estimate is that the devices in Great Britain are most likely around 95% less harmful than smoking. This is one of many publishments finding similar conclusions. Check out the these 20 studies.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) are carcinogenic, and are formed from the combination of nicotine and other tobacco-specific compounds during the curing and processing of tobacco. If the FDA approves the iQOS as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco, it will be interesting to see what the users of other smokeless alternatives such as electronic cigarettes will think about the efficacy of the United States regulatory systems considering the large amount of scientific research already conducted.

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